great morning habits of highly successful people

Highly successful people seem to have a lot of the same habits. To make 2017 a success the most important period of your day is when you first wake up. The facts suggest that whether you’re an “up-and-at-’em” or stumbling out of bed person, the way you spend the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. New York Best-Selling Author and life-hacker Tim Ferriss comments, “If you win the morning, you win the day”.

When aiming to be successful we often try to change too much or focus on the wrong things. By simply creating a morning routine that sets your day up and puts your body and mind into a positive and constructive state might be all you need to “win the day”. Here are 5 actions that highly successful people do in the morning:

1 – Make your bed:

This simple task is beneficial for a number of reasons. For example, a sense of accomplishment by having completed the first task of the day. This encourages you to do more tasks, it teaches you that the little things matter, and will give you a sense of being productive, which will set you on the right path for the rest of the day. Finally, if you’ve had a bad day you’ll come home to a made bed giving a sense of comfort and encouragement that tomorrow will be better… another opportunity to ‘win’

2 – Drink:

Hydration is incredibly important. One of the biggest problems with the modern diet is dehydration. Dehydration causes the enzymatic activity in the body to slow down, resulting in tiredness and fatigue. Water is the most vital source of energy in the body. In the morning your body has been without hydration for, hopefully, 8 hours, so to kick start all your bodily and mental functions drinking 500ml to 1ltr of water is an excellent way to set yourself up to get the most out of your day

3 – Exercise & Stretch:

Move in the morning… release the endorphins rush that will make you feel amazing, combat stress and clear your mind. It’s not about being in perfect shape, but you have to move your body to move your brain and ideas around. It doesn’t need to be a lot, 1-2 minutes of intense exercise or a walk around the block to feel energised. You can still go to the gym later.

4 – Think Positive:

What you think you will believe! Positive thoughts radiate out and turn into positive actions, which in turn create positive habits. Positive habits will transform into positive results! A positive outlook is essential for positive change.

If we can change the way we think it has an immense impact on everything in our lives. Affirmations and visualisations are the best methods of doing this – I know it sounds airy-fairy but it really does work!Say positive statements every morning when you get up and as many times as you can incorporate it throughout the day. You need to say these out loud and repeat them at least 5 times each.By completing these affirmations highly successful people become more open to optimism and inspiration and improve their outlook in life.

A constructive routine in the morning will provide clarity of thought, a positive mindset, and most of all, successful results for the rest of the day.


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