SUPERFOOD OF THE MONTH = Beetroot or Beets


Here`s an example of a body expert fat burning breakfast with beetroot. Fat loss and staying effortlessly lean is about feeding your body the right nutrients at the correct times. Managing insulin and understanding insulin sensitivity are the key to obtaining and maintain great results…

Any type of sugar (oats, bread, cereal, fruits, etc.) in the morning is usually not a smart choice for getting lean. An insulin spike in the morning puts your body into a fat storing state for the rest of the day. Our nutrition recommendations and personal habits ensure you, and both Coach Jules and myself, are in a fat burning state making it effortless to stay lean, have sustained energy and avoid cravings.

As usual, do your pre-cooking ahead (steam your vegetable/beetroot) and you can create a rich, quick breakfast in 5min.

Beetroot Benefits

Beetroot-Scramble-Eggs Recipe


2 fresh eggs
1 cup of green salad
1/3 steam broccoli
1/2 steam beetroot
8-10 roasted Almonds
1 tbsp Coconut oil
Pink salt & black pepper

All of these ingredients are awesome for getting your day off to the best fat burning start possible. Simply cook your eggs with the coconut oil and salt and pepper then add the other ingredients on top for a super garnish. You can add an additional tbsp of coconut oil or virgin olive oil for flavour and extra fuel. Good fats are an essential part of your first meal, as we want to train your body to use and burn fat as a fuel.


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