Fitness Success Stories

Posted By Coach Brian

Before I write more articles about motivation, nutrition, workouts, systems and programs, I felt it was important to share a client story with you. You can easily read the success that Phil, Mia and myself have had in our own personal fitness activities, but what about people like yourselves? In all honesty, what works for us will and can work for you if you follow the guidelines we show you. So let us get in and get to know a little about a current client I’€™ll call Cam.

Cam came to us about five months ago over 107 kilo wanting to get more in shape, lose some weight and get comfortable in a gym. Cam felt the equipment was intimidating, never sure how to use the equipment, what levels he should work out at, how hard he should push, and who to follow. If you walk into a gym you will see so many people doing so many different items it’€™s hard to know who is doing things right and who are wrong. So after an initial visit Cam signed up for 16 sessions.

Cam’s life consisted of heading to work, coming home, having a few drinks and eating dinner and falling asleep on the couch watching TV. He lacked energy to get much done after work, his work (mainly office-based with a fair bit of travel demands) was wearing him out. He felt he had to get into shape and try to get more energy but his own workouts would never give him the energy he needed, his workouts only made him more exhausted and put him deeper into his laziness.

Five months later, Cam obviously extended out his sessions as he’s still a current client. He’€™s also weighing in at an incredible 93 kilo, a total of reduction of 14 KILO in 5 months. This includes a lot of time off for holidays, travel for work often, and various other items that have taken time out of his training sessions. Cam is now full of energy, slim and trim and getting a toned and defined body. His major complaint is that he needs to buy a whole new wardrobe as none of his clothes fit him anymore.

So what’s the secret, why did his weight loss, body toning, energy improvement, health improvement all work when he started to work with us? According to Cam it was the whole systematic approach.

€œBrian, Phil and Mia reworked my entire life, they are not personal trainers, they are life trainers, they worked on my sleep patterns, they dramatically educated and reworked my eating patterns, not just what I ate but the combination of what I ate and when I ate what items. Nutrition is the difference between success and failure.” 

This, I think, is the critical difference between our group and others, many people can teach in a gym how to lift weights, but weight loss, health improvement, life improvement involves more then just gym work, it must be your nutrition, sleep, supplements, mindset and workouts.

When asked about the high costs associated with trainers and why after achieving this dramatic weight loss and improvement of health why he is still employing the services he responded it was a simple decision.

For me, I am saving money by working with these guys€ no more going out drinking all night, no more ordering all that take out food. Just by preparing healthy food and learning how to relive a proper healthy lifestyle I am saving money. By working out and eating well I am healthy, happy, and that alone saves me funds on food/drinks and doctors visits. Overall I save a lot of money by working with these guys as they keep me motivated and on the right track. With the every changing gym work outs and nutritional issues I feel I am investing in myself and my own wellness.”€

Finally asked about his energy levels Cam responded with sheer excitement.

€œI am up before work going to the gym or going for light jogs or walks. I literally enjoy waking up and getting moving now. After work I have more energy and ready to keep living my life. No more am I lying on the couch falling asleep to the TV. I have so many more hours in the day it is amazing and to feel  physically, mentally and emotionally healthy… I just love it. I get so much more done with work and in life I can’€™t describe how great it feels.”

For those of you out there, take a look at articles/philosophy, testimonials, have a talk with us, and review your options. We are much more then just gym trainers. If you want a gym trainer or motivation only then there are a lot of options out there. For those of you who want more, who want to learn and really understand the whole picture of health, fitness and wellness get in touch with us today.

We want everyone to LOSE so we all succeed!  🙂