Body Expert Systems Philosophies

Body Expert Systems is a method that takes care of the whole person. We don’t just train people or deliver diet advice, we aim to educate and ensure long-term benefits.

Our comprehensive assessments enable us to identify the key areas and actions that will give you the quickest and most beneficial results. The routines and nutrition work on a hormonal level to provide fast, safe and long-term results. We tailor the service to your specific requirements; it’s just a matter of understanding your desired outcomes and what your lifestyle allows.

More than just personal trainers, we stay at the forefront of the fitness industry by continually attending highly accredited education courses as well as working closely with clinical experts.

Our process follows four philosophies of client care:

Fitness Health Nutrition Saigon Thao Dien
Fitness Health Nutrition Saigon Thao Dien
Fitness Health Nutrition Saigon Thao Dien
Fitness Health Nutrition Saigon Thao Dien

The first step is to analyse your lifestyle and nutrition habits, as these have the biggest impact on fat loss, sustainable energy, health and recovery from exercise.

BE-SMART is our philosophy at the first stage of working with clients. We constantly revisit our SMART philosophy throughout the client’s journey to ensure they are getting the results they want.

Our service begins with an in-depth evaluation of your situation; both internal and external. The methods we utilize really get to know you and understand your hormonal profile, nutritional deficiencies, if any, and lifestyle requirements to achieve the most effective and fastest results.

We then complete Posture, Movement and Strength Balance Assessments to enable us to write concise, safe and very effective exercise/physical activity programmes.

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The fundamental focus of working within the Body Expert System is to improve how you feel. There is no point losing weight, or improving your performance if you feel terrible through the process.

From the BE SMART findings we can identify what the best and most effective actions will be to achieve your goals. The first and foremost focus of any health and fitness plan should be to develop optimal cellular function, improve posture, boost energy and be pain free. These can be achieved alongside obtaining the specific client goals.

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Consistency rather than severity is at the heart of our approach. Our BE-Strong philosophy is about supporting and motivating our clients to be all they can be. To establish strong mindsets, habits, and support networks to make the journey both successful, less taxing and enjoyable.

BE-STRONG is about application and implementation of actions that will develop into habits for positive life change. We understand that everyone is different… different tastes, lifestyles, likes/dislikes, and interests. So we work with clients to put in place programs that work for their specific life.

Our service is all about achieving what you want… getting results! BE-YOU philosophy is about delivering the results YOU desire.

Body Expert Systems unique integrated method constantly evolves to meet each clients lifestyle requirements and the team adapt their approach to ensure that all clients have access to the most cutting edge and proven methods and techniques through their programmes.

BE-YOU is about measuring, reviewing, and adapting! Our clients are apart of the process… our system re-evaluates goals and results, then re-energizes efforts and actions in aim of consistent benefits. BE-YOU ensures clients get the results THEY want.

"Learn the new age of nutrition… calories, chemicals, hormones,nutrient timing and mindfulness for fat loss, vitality and performance"