Personal Training Vietnam

Free Consultation:

Finding personal training in Vietnam can be a struggle, our awesome team in Saigon / Ho Chi Minh provide a free assessment of your specific goals and requirements in relation to motivation levels, health, posture and movement concerns as well as discussing your current dietary habits. Once this information is obtained, we will explain what services would best suit your needs.

Before commencing any form of training we must first conduct some assessments to ensure we prescribe the correct exercises and routine to best meet your needs and provide accurate nutritional guidance to accelerate success.

One-2-One Personal Training in Vietnam:

We do not just train our clients. We take care of the whole person! After a comprehensive assessment process, we develop a purpose-built routine. We then constantly monitor, review and adjust to ensure you get the results you desire.

One-2-One clients receive the attention they deserve. We guarantee One-2-One service satisfaction. To get the best results you must consider all lifestyle factors and incorporate a totalitarian approach. Every aspect of your life has a hormonal response and impact on your internal environment – these must be considered equally as important as diet and exercise.

Our One-2-One service is specifically designed to the individual and always works forwards improving the functionality of the human movement system, optimal cell function and hormone balance for effortless fat loss, performance, and vitality.

Hybrid Fitness Coaching:

Affordable results. A cost-effective way of achieving your fitness and fat loss goals. “Hybrid PT” is specific personal training delivered in a small group setting.

The Hybrid system delivers fun workouts that are specifically designed for the individual but completed in a group. You have your own programme and exercises to complete but at times incorporate group work in the same session. Highly motivational and supportive while extremely effective! 8-person maximum per group.

You are more likely to adhere to and therefore achieve your goals when working out with a partner or friend due to increased motivation, friendly competition, and increased enjoyment and you can always trial one of our personal training sessions with an expert instructor.