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Body Expert Systems is a method that takes care of the whole person. We don’t just train people or deliver diet advice, we aim to educate and ensure long-term benefits.

Our comprehensive assessments enable us to identify the key areas and actions that will give you the quickest and most beneficial results. The routines and nutrition work on a hormonal level to provide fast, safe and long-term results. We tailor the service to your specific requirements; it’s just a matter of understanding your desired outcomes and what your lifestyle allows.

More than just personal trainers, we stay at the forefront of the fitness industry by continually attending highly accredited education courses as well as working closely with clinical experts.

Our Four Philosophies

Fitness Health Nutrition Saigon Thao Dien
Fitness Health Nutrition Saigon Thao Dien
Fitness Health Nutrition Saigon Thao Dien
Fitness Health Nutrition Saigon Thao Dien

"Learn the new age of nutrition… calories, chemicals, hormones, nutrient timing and mindfulness for fat loss, vitality and performance"

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Interviewing Phil Kelly

Body Expert Systems is a method of personal training and health coaching developed by utilising and combining all the best assessment protocols, coaching methods, training philosophies, and research based, results driven and proven exercise and nutrition programming from our extensive qualifications and experience.

Body Expert Systems uses a new age approach where we care for the whole person not just write a programme or give diet advice but we consider lifestyle aspects, hormonal balance, biomechanical efficiency, metabolic activity, etc.

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