Phil Kelly Body Expert Systems

Fitness Testing

We can supply a full range of specific fitness and function testing services. Our assessments are able to identify potential areas of health or injury risk, establish correct type and intensity of exercise, set motivational targets and enable you to track and evaluate ‘true’ progress from your health & fitness routine.

Ready to Assess Your Fitness?

Importance of Testing

Without testing you can not develop an appropriate, individualised exercise programme and you are also not able to evaluate if all your efforts are actually providing the best results. Testing, done for the right reasons, at the right time, in the right way, thoroughly, can have amazing benefits for your health and fitness efforts.

Benefits of Testing

Testing done correctly and at the right time can yield incredible benefits for your health and fitness efforts. It helps tailor your approach, assess effectiveness, and refine your strategies.

Specific Evaluations

Intrinsic Biomechanical Assessment

Intrinsic biomechanics focuses on how the internal function of joints and muscles affect an individual’s ability to perform exercises or sports. Phil Kelly will screen the intrinsic function of your body to see how it performs or compensates when completing movements, exercises or activities. He identifies aspects that could impair performance or lead to injury, even if you currently aren’t aware or feeling pain.

Biomechanical Programme Phases

The biomechanical programme follows three interlinked phases:

Normalise (eliminating any compensation or impairment issues),

Stabilise (focusing on core function and strength)

Functionalise integrating the stability work with functional training.

Optimal Performance

Conclusion: To perform optimally and prevent injury your body needs to intrinsically function and perform to its best before you can achieve your maximum extrinsically