Keto Re-Boot Retreat

The Body Expert Systems Keto Re-Boot Retreat is a 72 hour retreat scientifically designed to re-boot your total health; potent anti-cancer effects, strengthen and reset digestive function and power, brain protecting, amazing anti-aging results and greatly improved ability to metabolise fat to get effortlessly lean and boost performance.

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Nutrition Coaching in Vietnam

“Nothing tastes as good as healthy and lean feels”… Body Expert Nutrition gives you the knowledge, systems, and recipes that make healthy and lean food taste good!

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Personal Training in Ho Chi Minh

“75% of all illnesses can be attributed to lifestyle related causes.”  – US Surgeon General

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Hybrid Coaching

Affordable results. A cost effective way of achieving your fitness and fat loss goals. “Hybrid PT” is specific personal training delivered in a small group setting.

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Fitness & Wellness Classes

Our fitness classes are unique and industry leading. The classes are all designed and delivered with sound scientific fitness principles. There is no fluff… only effective workouts designed to achieve specific results. There is no “run of the mill” workout… the evolution of fitness is here with Body Expert Classes!

Fitness Testing in Saigon

We can supply a full range of specific fitness and function testing services. Our assessments are able to identify potential areas of health or injury risk, establish correct type and intensity of exercise, set motivational targets and enable you to track and evaluate ‘true’ progress from your health & fitness routine.

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Online Coaching

Fat loss and fitness can be achieved anywhere. Our Personalised online coaching service provides you all the tools, systems and knowledge you need to achieve your desires.

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Corporate Wellness

Phil and the team provide complete wellness solutions for companies and small businesses. Improving the total health of employee’s results in a happier and more productive work team.

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Gym Management Consultation

The requirement to develop strategies and systems that build rapport-based relationships and earn the long-term loyalty of your members and clients is paramount to every business.

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Fitness Health Nutrition Saigon Thao Dien

"We sell results… not sessions"