Fitness Saigon: Become Fighting Fit & Confident

The Art of Fitness Stay Motivated & Much More We hear all the time how individuals lose motivation to exercise. It’s not really surprising, as most tend to do the same boring workouts! Run long distance, jump on a Crosstrainer, etc. YAWN!! For a regime to be more successful it needs to provide dynamic stimulation, […]

Expert Fitness Tips: Best Way to Build Your Glutes

Posterior Performance: Best Way to Build Your Glutes What lies behind you is one of the most important muscles on your body. Strong glutes are the key to improving posture, enhancing balance, boosting athletic performance, and looking fantastic. In fact the entire posterior chain musculature is very important to strengthen in the modern era of […]

Ho Chi Minh Fitness: 5 unfamiliar benefits of lifting weights

Weighted Gains: 5 unfamiliar benefits of lifting weights The potential benefits from performing resistance exercise, whether it is calisthenics or lifting weights are immense. These benefits are rather well known yet most still shy away from pushing themselves in the lifting area of the fitness arena. Research shows that not only can resistance training improve […]

Saigon Fat Loss Experts: Is Your Fat Burning Switch Turned On?

The Fat Burning or Storing Switch – Insulin vs. Glucagon When it comes to either burning fat or storing fat our bodies have a chemical switch that you can manipulate to get the result you want. There are two hormones that control your fat burning or storing result – Insulin & Glucagon Insulin health is […]

Get Back into Shape After Pregnancy – Part 3:

Get Back into Shape After Pregnancy – Part 3: The final 3 tips of our Get Back To Shape After Pregnancy series are here. If you haven’t read the first Two Parts you can find them here: Part 1 – Hormones to Understand and a Focus on Posture Part 2 – Its a Matter of […]