Eating Out – Tips

Eating out is enjoyable and sociable and provided that you choose wisely you can still eat healthily and relatively moderately with regard to health and fat loss goals.

When I eat out I want it to be special, consequently I don’t eat out often. I am a firm believer that if you truly want to be healthy and lean you need to prepare your own food. However, we are all social creatures and to not eat out and enjoy the numerous restaurants the great city of Saigon has to offer would be sacrilege.

So, how can you solve the dilemma of eating healthily, enjoying the taste and not consuming too many calories when you eat out? Here are eight tips for making your restaurant meal healthy and fat burner conscious while ordering restaurant meals.

Choose dishes that are not deep-fried:

At the very basic level fried foods are unhealthy because they are very high in bad fats and calories. The quality of oil used for most deep-frying is very poor. Vegetable oil, which has been hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated (Trans Fatty Acids) can be reused/reheated numerous times cutting cost but potentially killing us. Furthermore, deep-frying robs foods of nutrients and is associated with the onset of chronic health conditions.

Forget the Fries

Ask to replace fries with a portion of fresh vegetables. Vegetables, especially of the green leafy variety, act to provide us with energy and detoxify our systems from harmful substances. Vegetables should be the “Star” of every meal.

Avoid rich and creamy sauces

All contain high sugar, bad oil/fat content and because we live in Asian they most likely also contain MSG. Therefore, these sauces aren’t just calorie laden they are inflammation promoting and destructive towards our neutral transmitters… truly not a smart choice.

Replace dressings with fresh lemon or lime juice

Another great option is virgin olive oil and dry spices to add a great serving of good fats that taste great! Alternatively, order dressings to be brought separately so that you can decide how much to apply.

Avoid the tempting pre-meal nibbles

Pre-meal nibbles (commonly bread with dips) are usually loaded with fat and sugar, as well as salt to increase your thirst. You don’t need to fill up on ordinary bread when you’re paying good money for a meal. Simply ask for it to be taken away before you can even be tempted.

Don’t feel that you have to have dessert

If you are craving something sweet (which you shouldn’t – this demonstrates that you are deficient in certain minerals/vitamins or eating the wrong food for your metabolic type) ask for a small piece of fruit. It will help satisfy the sweet craving as well as provide fibre and healthy antioxidants

Stop ordering drinks

A glass of wine has between 125 – 200 calories, Soda contains 10 teaspoons of sugar, beer has estrogenic properties due to the fermentation of yeast within it and will dramatically halt your ability to burn stomach fat. Beverages can easily take your overall calorie consumption through the roof making what could be a small meal an exercise in overeating. Alcohol also disrupts sleep patterns putting your internal system under stress and therefore promoting a fat storing state.

Chew on This

There is a correlation between speed of eating and Body Mass Index (BMI)… the faster you eat the higher your BMI! Rushing down food has many disadvantages and is indicated as a common habit in obese and overweight individuals. Eating food slowly and chewing thoroughly have been proven to assist in weight loss by promoting the satiety process sooner.

If you really want to enjoy eating out at the same time as tackling a health or weight concern then, look first to where you eat, second at what (both the food and quantity) you eat, and third how you eat. Where, What and How? Eating should be enjoyable and when following sound principles will foster great health, appearance and wellbeing.


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