Saigon Wellness – Part 1: How To Stay Young and Healthy

Heat Up Your Health Now that I’m over 40 years old, optimum health and fighting the ageing process are my main goals. I partake in activities, follow dietary habits and exercise in a way that promotes youthfulness and prevents, or protects me from life threatening or disabling disease. I want to share these with you… […]

Saigon Fat Loss Experts: Is Your Fat Burning Switch Turned On?

The Fat Burning or Storing Switch – Insulin vs. Glucagon When it comes to either burning fat or storing fat our bodies have a chemical switch that you can manipulate to get the result you want. There are two hormones that control your fat burning or storing result – Insulin & Glucagon Insulin health is […]

Saigon Fat Loss Experts – Manage Hunger for Effortless Fat Loss

Manage Hunger for Effortless Fat Loss When people generally attempt to loss fat they follow the mantra of “eat less and exercise more” but do this in a way that makes them not feel good: always feel hungry, have low energy, experience mood swings, develop cravings, etc. These feelings are why 90% of people fail […]

Get Back into Shape After Pregnancy – Part 3:

Get Back into Shape After Pregnancy – Part 3: The final 3 tips of our Get Back To Shape After Pregnancy series are here. If you haven’t read the first Two Parts you can find them here: Part 1 – Hormones to Understand and a Focus on Posture Part 2 – Its a Matter of […]

Asia Fitness & health: 4 Keys of Excellent Health

4 Keys of Excellent Health Last month for Western New Year (following the Gregorian calendar) I discussed 5 key Signs Your Training Efforts Are Failing. Two New Years allows a double opportunity to start 2018 in the most positive way possible. Last month we looked at training now I want to make suggestions for health, […]