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We hear all the time how individuals lose motivation to exercise. It’s not really surprising, as most tend to do the same boring workouts! Run long distance, jump on a Crosstrainer, etc. YAWN!! For a regime to be more successful it needs to provide dynamic stimulation, variety of movements and involve social connection to maintain motivation and adherence.

Boxing or self-defence courses may be the single most effective way to increase your motivation and get fit. There are many psychological benefits in addition to the extremely well known physical benefits of improved coordination, balance, speed, strength, flexibility as well as overall health and wellness. The people who become involved in boxing and martial arts programme become more disciplined, respectful, develop greater self-control, become more confident and tend to develop a positive way of life. Here are 4 amazing reasons to get involved in a form of self-defence:

Learn and Practice Conflict Resolution Skills:

There are good ways to deal with conflict and there are bad ways. Self-Defence and martial arts courses teach how to deal with conflict among your peers, and also how to deal with it in a safe environment.

 Give Healthy Way to Release Stress & Energy:

One of the biggest problems that plagues modern day individuals is the inability to cope with stress and anxiety. Self-defence is a great way for people to learn how to cope with stress. Martial arts offer many benefits to our lives, physical, mental, and spiritual. It has the ability to improve multiple aspects of our capacity as human beings: it clears the mind and teaches you to be calm, it helps you learn how to deal with pressure, it gives you a fun outlet to relieve stress, and it improves your physical fitness, which releases endorphins and other beneficial chemicals that lower stress

 Teamwork & Positive Social Interaction:

Teamwork is necessary for anyone to develop. Modern day fitness, and in fact everyday life, people are becoming more isolated. Boxing and martial arts is an activity and teamwork-oriented environment that develops character and teaches that the more we work together in the class, at home and at work… the more we get accomplished

 Install Self-Confidence and Build Self-Esteem:

One of the biggest advantages to taking self-defence classes is that it develops inner strength. Cultivates control over your emotions, movement and actions in a challenging environment. Self-defence classes will build confidence in each participant by providing knowledge of how to better protect themselves.

When you are practicing your martial arts moves you will be practicing with a partner and hence have to look after that person as well as yourself. There needs to be mutual trust between the two participants, so to not hurt each other, but still practice well. If people do not respect themselves it is unlikely that others will respect them and have that mutual trust.

If you find it hard to stay motivated to workout and get fit then look to join a boxing or martial arts course. If you want more than just fitness results then boxing or martial arts courses are a fantastic options to consider adding to your routine to take you to the next level. The benefits of these courses far surpass the simple physical elements.


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